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Fall Screening & Conditioning Program

Seniors get “Ready and Steady” at the Pines of Sarasota

The Pines of Sarasota uses the Biodex Balance System SD as part of its balance training program for seniors. The program focuses on assessing a person’s balance and creating a plan to help improve balance in order to avoid falling.

Improve Outcomes with Less Staff

The Biodex FreeStep SAS, featured by local Texas news station KCBD, shows how multiple patients can exercise simultaneously, safely, and with minimal staff. The track-and-harness system removes fear of falling and lets patients work harder. Ideal to teach better reaction to balance challenges.

Florida Seniors Line Up to Test their Balance

Fall Risk Screening of seniors with the Biodex Balance System SD at a local health fair receives high marks. At a Community Health Extravaganza in Lake Mary, people line up to get their balance tested. In a matter of minutes they find out where they stand and whether they are considered at risk to fall.

Post-Acute & Orthopedic

Biodex Medical Devices used at Body in Balance Physical Therapy and Fitness Center -- Linwood, NJ

Gait compromised patients use Biodex Gait Trainer and Unweighing System to maintain quality of life and independence.

Post-Op Rehabilitation with Gait Trainer 3

Lighthouse at Waconia strengthens lower extremity patients by walking "uphill, downhill and sideways" on the Biodex Gait Trainer 3.

Neurological Involvement

Emory Brain Health Center Embraces Biodex Technology

Therapists at the Atlanta’s Emory Brain Health Center help patients with one of the field’s most advanced range-of-technology systems, including the first rhythmic auditory cueing (RAC) gait systems for clinical use, and the nation’s most extensive FreeStep SAS track systems.

Biodex Music-Assisted Gait Training and Parkinson’s: Body in Balance

Physical therapists at Body in Balance Rehabilitation & Fitness train neurologically involved patients on the Music-Enhanced Gait Trainer 3. Fran, who has been living with Parkinson's for 40 years, describes the effects of the music: “The Gait Trainer kept my brain aware that my feet should keep going.”

Walking Again with Biodex NxStep: Treating Stroke at Ledesma Sports Medicine

Featured on WTOC-TV’s, “Bounce Around Savannah”, Ledesma Sports Medicine Physical Therapist Donna McMahan describes how she and her clinic use the NxStep Unweighing System to treat people with movement and neurological disorders.


Biodex BioStep Keeps Residents Fit

Providence Place Senior Communities uses the Biodex BioStep Elliptical to keep their residents strong and healthy as well as an incentive for community outreach.

Upper Body Exercise Makes a Difference

Previously, Helen’s physical weakness prevented her from participating. Six weeks after beginning ergometer exercise and she is practically jumping out of her seat, eager for the next activity.

Restoring Ambulation with BioStep Elliptical Exercise

Using the Biodex BioStep improved Viola’s ambulation, changing her wheelchair reliance from almost completely dependent to just 10% of her day.

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