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NEW NxStep™ Unweighing System: Testimonials

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Mindy Siebeneck, MPT

Columbus Rehabilitation and Subacute Institute
Director of Rehabilitation Services

“The Biodex Unweighing System is an integral part of treatment plans for many stroke and spinal cord patients at our facility. The system allows therapists to focus on a patient's quality of movement while also helping to increase endurance. In other words, it does more than simply hold the patient in an upright position. Use of the Balance System has helped several of our more seriously involved patients regain hope while other patients have easily progressed to a less restrictive assistive device.”

Mary Ann Webb, PT

Adams Memorial Hospital
Decatur, IN

“We purchased our Biodex Offset Unweighing System upon opening our new hospital in July, 2005. We use it with clients that have neurological dysfunction. The system lets the therapist facilitate more normal gait patterns without the need for a support person. Our patients like the Offset Unweighing System because it reduces fear of falling, allowing clients to better concentrate on their gait pattern. The offset design also provides excellent access to the client for facilitation.”

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