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NEW NxStep™ Unweighing System

Unweighing System
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Help older adults regain functional gait and improve balance

The Biodex NxStep Unweighing System enables partial weight-bearing therapy to be conducted with the assurance of patient comfort and safety, and with convenient access to the patient for manual assistance and observation. Once supported, the patient can perform gait and balance exercises. Older adults have improved confidence and improved tolerance for exercise. The benefits of training transfer to activities of daily living allowing seniors to maintain or regain independence.

The dynamic, single-point suspension of NxStep accommodates pelvic rotation and vertical displacement. This encouragement of proper mechanics allows functional gait patterns to be practiced. When used in combination with the Biodex Gait Trainer, a comprehensive gait training environment, complete with audio and visual biofeedback is possible.

Gait Kinematics

NxStep Unweighing System allows full and partial weight bearing without compromising proper gait kinematics. Depending on walking speed, up to four inches of vertical displacement is permitted while the system maintains a consistent level of unweighing. When pelvic stabilization is necessary, retention cords are provided that can be adjusted for degree.

The ability to allow pelvic rotation has its own advantages. Unlike two-point suspension systems that have a tendency to restrict rotation on a horizontal plane, the single-point method of NxStep permits functional pelvic rotation and versatility when walking, side-stepping, retro-walking and turning. Patients can engage in reactive postural control exercises or change direction without repositioning the entire support system.

The unique, forward corner-mounted design of NxStep enables many advantages. Therapists can view patients from all angles; patients have full visibility of treadmill display and, the open design allows natural arm swing, an essential component to encourage neuroplasticity.

Gait Training System

The Biodex Gait Training System

The Gait Trainer provides audio and visual biofeedback of step length and step speed.

The unweighing support system provides assistance, helping patients regain their confidence, their strength and their stride. The NxStep Unweighing System, combined with the Gait Trainer 3, allows every patient the opportunity to get an early start on rehabilitation.

Gait Training System

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