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NEW Gait Trainer™ 3

Gait Trainer
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The Gait Trainer 3 provides audio and visual biofeedback of step length and step speed

The Biodex Gait Trainer™ 3 is more than a treadmill. It is designed with an instrumented deck that issues both audio and visual real-time biofeedback to prompt patients into their correct gait pattern. Step length, step speed and right-to-left time distribution (step symmetry) are directly addressed; patient footfall is compared to desired footfall step after step, both on the display in real time and documented in an easy to read histogram.

The Biodex Gait Trainer is quiet, non-intimidating and allows the therapist to get in there and treat their patients. Real goals are monitored and progress reported. Objective documentation, with comparison to age- and gender-based normative data, helps prove need and document outcomes to family, referring physicians and insurance providers.

Gait Training SystemThe Biodex Gait Trainer 3, with or without the Unweighing System or FreeStep for BWSTT, is suitable for all rehabilitation pathologies. Biodex has recently published Body Weight Support Treadmill Training (BWSTT) with Transition to Over Ground Ambulation: A Clinical Guideline for the Treatment of Patients with Neurological Conditions using Biodex Unweighing System and Gait Trainer. The document classifies the neurologically involved patient, then steps the user through the various phases of recovery for profound, moderate and minimal neurological involvement.

The Biodex Gait Training System

The Gait Trainer provides audio and visual biofeedback of step length and step speed.

The Unweighing Support System provides assistance, helping patients regain their confidence, their strength and their stride. The Gait Trainer 3, combined with the Unweighing System, allows every patient the opportunity to get an early start on rehabilitation.

Sensory Enhanced Option includes Music Therapists in the Plan of Care

The Power of NeuroplasticityThe ratio of Physical Therapists to Music Therapists is 30:1. The need is there. The increasing rate of Parkinson’s diagnosis alone reinforces this point. Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation (RAS) is well researched for its efficacy with the relationship between music and healing dating back to early civilizations. Working in conjunction with The Center for Music Therapy, Austin, TX, the Gait Trainer 3 offers an integrated starter library of music therapy-informed compositions and allows music therapists to incorporate their own. The right music, the correct beats per minute (bpm) and gait repetition help reinforce neuroplasticity and get patients better, faster. Documented.

Click here for more information about Music-Assisted Therapy for the Gait Trainer 3.

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