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NEW Gait Trainer™ 3: Case Studies

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Meeting the Challenges of Diverse Seniors at the Lighthouse of Waconia

The Emory Brain Health Center in Atlanta is building what it believes will be one of the nation’s leading outpatient rehabilitation centers for patients with neurological diseases and conditions. The heart of this modern center on Atlanta, GA’s Emory University campus is a team of highly experienced therapists equipped with one of the field’s most advanced range-of-technology systems, including the first music therapy-enhanced gait trainer, and the nation’s most extensive FreeStep SAS track systems.

Biodex programs give UHS Pruitt the clinical advantage

UHS Pruitt is a progressive chain of SNFs located in Georgia and North and South Carolina. Pruitt
Corporation currently manages directly and through affiliates, 56 nursing homes, four personal care
centers, a management company, three pharmacies, a hospice with eight offices and a separate inpatient unit, a care management company, and four certified home health agencies.

Pruitt began to expand their rehabilitation programs in 2007...

New Perspective Senior  Living Develops an Innovative Biodex Mobility-Recovery Program That Helps Seniors Walk Again

New Perspective Senior Living has developed and operates 12 senior care facilities in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois – all offering memory care and short-term-stay services, while several also offer assisted and independent living. Five of those centers are equipped with the latest Biodex mobility-rehabilitation systems to improve the lives of residents recovering from stroke, hip and knee replacements, or fighting the effects of progressive conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

Meeting the Challenges of Diverse Seniors at the Lighthouse of Waconia

The Lighthouse of Waconia, MN is one of the region’s premier senior living communities. It offers independent living, assisted living apartments, short-term stay and a special activity-based memory care facility. The physical therapy needs of Lighthouse residents are served by one of the state’s best-equipped and staffed physical therapy clinics, operated by the Odom Health & Wellness group founded by Minneapolis sports medicine physician John H. Odom, MD.

Using Biodex Mobility Systems in Patients with Dementia: Experience at the Lighthouse at Waconia

Clinical studies at facilities around the world are accumulating a growing body of evidence supporting the intuitive beliefs of many physical therapists that a structured exercise and balance development program offers a variety of important benefits to individuals with mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease.

St. Catherine's Rehabilitation Hospitals sites Biodex Devices among their most helpful tools

All across the world, hospitals and clinics, big and small, touch the lives of patients receiving physical therapy and occupational therapy in wonderful ways every minute of every day. Few, however, have such a wide reaching positive impact as the brace of St. Catherine's Rehabilitation go far beyond the traditional rehabilitation agenda, reaching out to thousands of patients yearly by offering cutting edge treatment and equipment, providing a tremendous student training program, and offering a credentialed post-graduate residency training for physical therapists in geriatrics (the first of its kind accredited by the APTA).

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