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Portable Motorized Lift: for the FreeStep SAS

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Portable Motorized Lift

The P-600 simplifies height adjustments when using the Biodex FreeStep SAS for supported ambulation in a therapy setting. Lightweight and portable, this motorized lift attaches to the support harness to provide complete control for the therapist. With a patient load capacity of 600 pounds, this heavy-duty lift is suitable for higher weight transfers.

Powered by non-proprietary batteries, the P-600 offers a cost-effective option to institutions. Additionally, the P-600 comes standard with a full range of features such as on-board controls and emergency lowering. Its on-board controls are complemented by a pneumatic hand control, enhancing maneuvering options for the lift.

Equipped with a digital display, the P-600 offers real-time feedback, a battery indicator, lift counter and preventative maintenance notification. These features and more make the P-600 a popular addition to our range of products for Safe Patient Handling & Mobility.

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