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BioStep™ 2: Testimonials

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William L. Massey

Albertville, AL

William Massey

“Thanks to the Biodex BioStep 2 I shot my age in golf today! I have the Biodex BioStep 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical—love it!!! I use it 5 days every week, and the difference it has made has been nothing short of amazing. I had a left hip replacement two years ago, and today I shot my age in golf—76!!!! I credit the BioStep 2 for the conditioning, especially the added strength in arms and shoulders as well as my legs—truly outstanding equipment!!!”

Robert Madigan

Bellhaven Nursing Home
Brookhaven, NY

“The range of motion for hip, knee and ankle joint helped with gait training, specifically the heel/toe gait and to increase hip and knee flexion. Patients that did not want to do traditional open-chain exercise, DID want to use the BioStep 2. They also exercised longer on the BioStep 2.” 

Suzie Bowles

Westminster, MD

“I recently completed Cardiac Rehab at Lifebridge in Pikesville, MD. I found that the BioStep machine was the best machine for my needs among all the machines available.

In addition to having a stent put into the main artery in my heart in February, I suffer from diabetic neuropathy in my feet. Because of this, I am on many medications which have caused me to gain over 100 lbs. in the five years since my diagnosis. It is very difficult for me to use a treadmill and I definitely can't use a bicycle where my feet are hanging. The only two machines I am able to use are a recumbent bike and the BioStep.

I really love the BioStep because it enables me to exercise both my upper and lower body. Also, the pushing movement of the foot pedals is easier than cycling. I am able to complete 30 minutes and more on the BioStep, while 10-15 minutes on the recumbent bike is difficult.”

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