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Seniors get "Ready and Steady" at the Pines of Sarasota

The Pines of Sarasota uses the Biodex Balance System SD as part of its balance training program for seniors. The program focuses on assessing a person's balance and creating a plan to help improve balance in order to avoid falling.

Biodex Balance System Provides Impressive Results

Physical Therapists at St. Luke's University Hospital improve patient balance issues using the Biodex Balance System.

Rehabilitation for the Stroke Patient

Lighthouse at Waconia meets the needs of weight shift training in stroke patients with the Biodex Balance System SD and Gait Trainer 3. Biofeedback gives patients a quantifiable understanding of their transfer of weight and gives them confidence over ground to take larger steps.

Rehabilitation for the Parkinson's Disease Patient

Body In Balance addresses the needs of their Parkinson's Disease patients using the Biodex Balance System SD, BioStep Elliptical and Gait Trainer 3. Using "Big Step" technique on the Gait Trainer mitigates the standard shuffle. Patient claims "the more I exercise, the less I shake."

Testimonial for the Biodex Balance System SD by Five Star Quality Care

Five Star Quality Care Uses Balance System to Treat - and Attract - Broad Range of Neuro, Orthopedic & Fall-Prone Patients.

Alhambra Health & Rehabilitation Center

Highly trained OT's and PT's use the Biodex Balance System SD to measure and improve patient performance - seeing significant improvement in just six weeks

Florida Seniors Line Up to Test their Balance

Fall Risk Screening of seniors with the Biodex Balance System SD at a local health fair receives high marks. At a Community Health Extravaganza in Lake Mary, people line up to get their balance tested. In a matter of minutes they find out where they stand and whether they are considered at risk to fall. Physical therapy...

Roosevelt Moore - Jackson Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist Roosevelt Moore talks about how the Biodex Balance System allows patients to see their own progress.

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