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VibroTactile™ System: for the Balance System SD

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Vibrotactile feedback is especially suited for evaluation and treatment of vestibular disorders.

You are expecting a call. You're in a place where a ringing cell phone is
bad form so you put your phone on vibrate. When the phone "rings" –
you don't see it or hear it – but you know exactly where it is – that is vibrotactile cueing.

The new Biodex VibroTactile™ System can be incorporated into the Balance System™ SD to provide a third sense to postural sway biofeedback. Using wireless technology, the tactile belt responds with a vibrating sensation when the patient sways outside the therapist-set parameters.

The technology is rehabilitative, not prosthetic

Real-time biofeedback is important for rehabilitation. More pronounced than audio or visual feedback, vibrotactile feedback directly engages the motor-learning system, reinforcing brain plasticity. This provides sensory enrichment to therapy tasks.

Vestibular therapy

Patients with vestibular challenges are overly dependent on visual and somatosensory systems. Especially for balance training, to really focus on the vestibular system, the visual sense needs to be eliminated. Vibrotactile feedback allows for balance training with eyes closed.

The principle behind the technology

Research and clinical experience demonstrate that the vibrotactile cues correcting postural sway in one situation can be transferred to other types of situations. Vibrotactile cueing fosters adaptation to new, correct information. The origin for this specific technology is from the military, to enhance spatial awareness for jet pilots, with sensors embedded into their flight suits. Since then, the technology has been adapted to balance rehabilitation with excellence results.

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