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NEW Games: for the Balance System SD

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Balance System SD

Think games are just child’s play? Think again.

Games are increasingly used in rehab therapy as an interactive way to motivate patients of all ages, and drive better outcomes. Now, single- and dual-task gaming options for Biodex balance technology help you maximize patient benefits.


Focus on exercise that challenges balance control, while gaming encourages repetition and motor learning.

Recovery Rapids


In partnership with Games That Move You, Biodex lets you take balance gaming to the next level with an exclusive edition of a rehab favorite.

Deliver high-repetition balance training with Recovery Rapids – a river rapids adventure game from Games That Move You. Power a boat downstream, steer around bends, collect items and avoid obstacles – all through weight-shifting on the Balance System SD.

  • Encourage carry-over of motor gains to daily activities
  • Promotes high-repetition massed practice
  • Keep patients exercising
  • Improve overall client satisfaction

Catch Game

Move the avatar with weight shifts to catch the digital ball. Patients train with random throws, or in a pattern to enhance motor control. Encourage patient to extend beyond their base of support. Motor control trial can spark friendly patient competitions.


Reduce fall risk with dual tasking that challenges motor and cognitive function to improve gross motor performance.

Ball Maze

Use gravity to move a ball through the maze while training degree of sway. As patient’s weight shifts on the platform, the 3D maze tilts in the same direction.

  • Customize difficulty by adjusting gravity strength and maze level.
  • Timed trials show improvement as they work to beat their time, or another patient’s!

Word Search

Highlight hidden words on the screen by shifting weight on the platform.

  • Generate puzzles based on number of words, word length and grid size.
  • Highlighting words trains balance control in varying planes.

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