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New Spin on Rehab in Nursing Homes / NBC News

HATBORO, Pa. - John Smyth needed more than the big flat-screen TV, towel warmers and homelike furniture offered at the Willow Ridge Center to convince him to stay in the nursing home’s rehab unit following knee-joint replacement. What sold the 70-year-old retired...

Attract Medicare Patients for Rehab After Hip & Knee Surgery with Expert-Developed Biodex Balance Plan

In 2009, more than 750,000 Americans — mostly of Medicare age — will undergo total hip or knee replacement surgery in the U.S. And most will be discharged less than five days after surgery, well before they’re ready to rehab at home. Skilled nursing facilities across the...

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital institutes Fall Risk Assessment and Conditioning Program

Ask your physician about participating in a Fall Risk Assessment and Conditioning Program...

Patients strengthen themselves quickly after surgery utilizing the Biodex rehabilitation program

Our unique acute level rehabilitation program is what distinguishes AristaCare at Cedar Oaks from all other short-term rehab facilities. At AristaCare at Cedar Oaks, patients receive customized intensive, acute level therapy, seven days a week. This aggressive approach ensures better outcomes, and a faster recovery...

Weight Transfer Tops Reasons Seniors Fall

The most common reason older individuals fall -- at least among those living in long-term care facilities -- is the incorrect shifting of body weight, researchers found. Of 227 falls captured on video, 41% were related to incorrect transfer or body weight shifting, Stephen Robinovitch, PhD, Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, and colleagues reported online in The Lancet. Other common causes included trips or stumbles (21%), hits or bumps (11%), loss of support with an external object (11%), and collapse or loss of consciousness (11%). The least common cause was slipping (3%)...

Purdue's ‘Center on Aging and the Life Course’ uses Biodex Balance System with CCRC Residents

Purdue University and University Place, a continuing care retirement community, are partnered for mutual benefit of both students and residents. Purdue's Center on Aging and the Life Course (CALC), a satellite program to stave off age-related problems before they occur, is located within University Place. Among other activities, Purdue students work with University Place residents on the Biodex Balance System to assess overall individual stability and balance – to improve postural stability, weight-shift and center-of gravity control...

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