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Somesville Rehab Pilots Portable Balance Equipment

ELLSWORTH — Falls are common among people over 65. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified falling as the top cause of injury-related deaths in this age group. Falls affect about 30 percent of seniors and trigger 1.8 million injuries annually...

Elderly Falls Prevention Legislation and Statutes

A broad-based coalition of nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the safety and health of older adults applauds today's House passage of S. 845, the Safety of Seniors (SOS) Act, clearing it for the president. This bill comes at a critical point: each year, one in three older...

Florida Seniors Line Up to Test their Balance

Fall Risk Screening of seniors with the Biodex Balance System SD at a local health fair receives high marks. At a Community Health Extravaganza in Lake Mary, people line up to get their balance tested. In a matter of minutes they find out where they stand and whether they are considered at risk to fall. Physical therapy...

Windsor Gardens Announce Arrival of Biodex Balance System

Windsor Gardens, Lancaster’s own senior rehabilitation and continuing care center, announced today the addition of a state-of-the-art Biodex Balance System to their on-premise clinical therapy suite of equipment. The Biodex system is a comprehensive and versatile balance testing and training tool designed to help clinical therapists screen, condition and strengthen patients struggling with core balance issues...

Southington Care Center and Jerome Home Offers Biodex Balance Screening

The Biodex Balance System at Southington Care Center and Jerome Home is making a world of difference. "Challenging and effective", that's what patients are saying about the expanded Balance Testing and Training Program at Southington Care Center and Jerome Home...

Balance is Crucial to Avoiding Falls After Surgery

“I had a hip replacement four weeks ago, and I’m happy to say my doctor said the surgery went exceedingly well, and I’m already walking around with no problem. Also on Monday I started outpatient physical therapy at a nearby rehabilitation facility — a rigorous bunch of exercises...

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