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Enhance resident care, attract more patients, strengthen partnerships and prove better outcomes… in less time.

Post-Acute & Orthopedic

Post-Acute and Orthopedic

Achieving individual recovery goals through intensive
task-specific rehabilitation

With focus on improving or restoring functional independence, Biodex rehabilitation devices work in concert to achieve optimal patient outcomes at an accelerated rate – discharged to outpatient or home care in the shortest timeframe. Objective documentation proves progress.

Rehabilitating patients in the most efficient manner is crucial in today’s Episode of Care environment. Biodex Balance & Mobility devices enable you to effectively treat patients with best outcomes, proven through objective documentation.

Biodex technology provides safe and effective rehabilitation. The combination of audio and visual biofeedback for training balance and gait has been documented in research studies to significantly improve results. Comparison to normative data helps set realistic goals and is used to demonstrate when it is safe to discharge, or if the patient requires more rehab.

Documentation includes automated G-code calculations and impairment level percentage with associated modifier code. This is a “magic bullet” for Medicare reimbursement.

Biodex can give your facility The Referral Advantage™


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